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No Bully Program

Contact Information:

John Schallberger, Assistant Principal 209-887-3073      Email:

Elsie Silveira, Academic Counselor 209-887-3073          Email:


Our school's social vision:

"At LHS, we are respectful, confident, and accountable for our actions".

Why we implemented a school wide system to stop bullying

Bullying and harassment stand in the way of our social vision. Therefore, our school has adopted the No Bully System for preventing and responding to harassment and bullying during the school and after-school program, at school field trips, school sponsored events, sports events, and when students are traveling to and from school. This school wide system applies to all students, teachers, staff, specialists, and anyone who works on our campus, whether employed by the school or district, working as contractors, or volunteers pursuant to Linden USD's anti-bullying policy.


What is bullying?

Bullying occurs when a student, or group of students, repeatedly tries to hurt, humiliate or get power over another less powerful student in any of the following ways.

Physical bullying is when a student uses physical force to hurt another student e.g. by hitting, pushing, shoving, kicking, taking a student's belongings or stealing their money.

Verbal bullying is when a student uses words, images or gestures to intimidate or humiliate another student e.g. by taunting, name-calling, teasing, put-downs, insults, threats and blackmail.

Relational bullying is when a student excludes or isolates another student e.g. through leaving them out, manipulating others against them, or spreading false rumors or gossip.

Cyberbullying is when a student uses their cell-phone, text messages, e-mails, instant messaging, the Internet or social media to threaten, shame or isolate another student. It includes breaking into a student's electronic account and assuming that student's identity in order to damage their reputation.

Bullying is different from conflict. Conflict is an inevitable part of life and can occur at school when a student perceives another student as being an obstacle to what they want or value. If students are in conflict but are not bullying, our school is committed to helping the students talk it through.


If you would like additional information regarding the No Bully Program or have an incident to report please                                                                                                             contact Mr. Schallberger or Ms. Silveira.