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Richard Schmidig   John Schallberger   Nina Wyman
Lisa Williamson Pam Knapp Leon Kuhn 
Nicole Holguin Angela Weber Lori Steward
Heather Carr Tori Kuhn Rosie Olivares
Denise Mallcheck Jesus Castaneds Kamryn Coleman
Rebecca Nelson


The following are minutes from the previous meeting.

Linden High School Site Council
SSC Meeting Minutes - Tuesday, Februrary 2, 2016
5:00 pm - Molini Library

Board Members:Board Members:
John Schallberger, Lisa Williamson, Pam Knapp, Nina Wyman, Leon Kuhn, Heather Carr, Lori Steward, Tori Kuhn, Rosie Olivares, Angela Weber, Kamryn Coleman

Absent Board Members: Denise Mallcheck, Richard Schmidig, Jesus Castaneda, Nicole Holguin, Rebecca Nelson



The meeting was called to order by John Schallberger at 5:04PM.
The roll sheet was distributed for signatures. Mr. Schallberger welcomed everyone. Agenda was moved to be accepted by Kamryn Coleman, 2nd by Pam Knapp. Motion passed.

I. Approval of the minutes. The minutes from the December 12, 2015 meeting were moved to be accepted by Lori Steward, 2nd by Nina Wyman. Motion passed.

II. Public Comment:
If there is any leftover SSC funds, Mrs. Knapp would like to see the money forwarded to the Career Fair next year.

III. Old Business:

1.WASC Update: The WASC report is almost complete. Students, staff, parents, and community members have played a large roll in the creation of this document. It should be ready to send to our visiting committee soon.

2. Budget Report: $7,249.00 remaining in our account. At the last meeting, we had 6 requests for funding. We funded: Lemos-drawing software, Nealy-keyboards for Surface Pros, Esteves-pencil makers, Pledger-Surface Pro for classroom, Lemos-spy software-not funded by SSC, due to an increase in the price for software-Mr. Schmidig purchased the software with LHS funds to demo the software at LHS. We spent $2750.

IV. New Business:

1.LCAP Community Meetings: LCAP meetings will resume again this year. If you are interested in being involved in these meetings, please let Mr. Schallberger know so he can inform you about the meeting dates and times.

2. Student Activities Report: Prom will be at Harmony Wylands in Lodi, CA this spring. BLS week just wrapped up. The BLS Princess was revealed through a light saber reveal. The princess that had the blue light saber won which was Katie Enright-Gera. CSF has been struggling a bit with Mr. Kepner focused on the WASC report. FIDM is going to a Fashion Show Open House- Floriculture is selling rose grams for Valentine's Day. Leadership has recently received funds from inactive accounts and they are trying to figure out how to spend this new money. Mrs. Knapp suggested that she might come in and talk to the Leadership class about donating some of those funds to the Career Fair for next academic year.

3. Funding requests:

Grant #1: Mr. Esteves is asking for a $493.56 grant for another Pen Maker for his construction technology classes. Mr. Esteves asked for a Pen Maker from SSC and we funded that grant last semester. It has been a great success in his classroom and now more students want to use the device and he would benefit from one more. Mrs. Knapp moves to pass the grant for $493.56 for Mr. Esteves, Lori Steward 2nd the motion.
Grant #2: Mrs. Holguin is asking for a $1,073.00 grant for 2 new printers and 2 extra ink cartridges for the library. The library currently has 2 printers and with the two new printers would bring the library printer total to 4 which would hopefully help the printing congestion issue. Mrs. Steward moves to pass the grant for $1,073.00 for Mrs. Holguin, Mr. Kuhn 2nd the motion.
Grant #3: Mrs. Knapp is asking for $325.00 grant for a new All-in-One printer/fax/copier for the library/career center. Mr. Kuhn moves to pass the grant for $325.00 for Mrs. Knapp, Mrs. Weber 2nd the motion.
Grant #4: Mrs. Small is asking for a $525.26 grant to attend the CMEA All State Conference. Mrs. Knapp moves to pass the grant for $525.26 for Mrs. Small, Mrs. Steward 2nd the motion.
Grant #5: Mrs. Steward is asking for a $267.30 grant for Forensic Autopsy Pigs/Dissection kits. Mrs. Williamson moves to pass the grant for $267.30 for Mrs. Steward, Mrs. Weber 2nd the motion.

6. Next Meeting: Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Adjournment: Motion to adjourn by Nina Wyman, 2nd by Angela Weber. The meeting was adjourned by 5:58pm.
Submitted by,
Lisa Williamson