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California Scholarship Federation, Chapter 265

Members of the California Scholarship Federation are committed to the club's motto, "Scholarship for Service."  Club members hold a variety of drives each year and must complete 7 hours of community service work per semester in order to maintain an "active" status.  Membership drives are held after each semester's grades are posted: once in the fall and upon return to school in January.  Forms are available inside the library and online.  During the membership period, students complete the membership form, attach a copy of their semester grades and pay their $3 dues.  These fees are used to purchase lifetime membership pins, 100% membership cords and the LHS "Perfect 8" stoles that are presented to senior CSF members at graduation.

This year, those seniors who maintain "active" membership status will be recognized at graduation by leading the "Class of 2014" into the stadium and sitting in the front row.  Those students who do not complete the required number of community service hours cannot be denied membership in CSF.  They will still be recognized in the graduation program and at the awards ceremony held in May.  Membership can never be denied based upon refusal to perform community service work.  However, students are encouraged to maintain "active" membership in order to qualify for numerous local scholarships, the coveted Seymour Memorial Award, the LHS CSF Scholarship and participate in this year's graduation procession. 

Over the past five years, Linden High School has had several Seymour Memorial Award finalists.  To date, these scholarship finalists have received in excess of $7,000 in state scholarship funds.  This year's Seymour Memorial Award will be presented at the Central Region Spring Conference in May 2014.  Details regarding scholarship requirements will be posted in December.  Seniors who attain lifetime membership status will be eligible to apply.