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Lisa Williamson, Dean of Students (Last name A-L) Phone Icon 209-887-3073 Email Icon Email
  Elsie Silveira, Academic Counselor (Last name M-Z) Phone Icon 209-887-3073 Email Icon Email

Class Standing

Students must complete the number of credits listed below in order to be officially classified at each grade level:

  • Freshman-Completion of the eighth grade
  • Sophomore-Successful completion of at least 65 credits
  • Junior-Successful completion of at least 130 credits
  • Senior-Successful completion of at least 190 credits

Graduation Requirements

A minimum of 260 credits is required for graduation at Linden High School. A student earns five (5) credits for each subject successfully completed in a semester. Successful completion is defined as a semester grade of “D” or better. There are two semesters per school year and students are required to attend seven classes each semester. The Linden Unified School District graduation requirements include the following:                                                                                                                      





40 credits/4 years

4 years


20 credits/2 years, including Alg. 1

3 years, Alg. 1, Geometry, Alg. 2 (4 years rec)

Social Science

30 credits/3 years

1 year World History

1 year US History

1 year Econ/Amer Gov

2 years, including 1 year of US History OR one semester of US History and one semester of American Gov


20 credits/2 years, 1 year life science, 1 year physical science


Laboratory Science


1 year life science: Biology, Biotech, Anatomy,

1 year physical science: Chemistry, Physics (3 years rec)

Visual & Performing Arts



1 year of Visual & Performing Arts

World Language


2 years of the SAME world language (3 years rec)

VPA or Wld Lang or CTE

10 Credits/1 year


Life Management

10 credits/1 year


Physical Education (P.E.)

20 credits/2 years, 9th grade PE is required



110 credits/11 elective classes

1 year college prep elective course, A-G approved*


District Writing Assessments





College Entrance Exams






Rec = recommended, * 4th year of math, 3rd year of lab science, 3rd year of world language, Ag Science 1 or other A-G approved class

CTE - Career Technical Education

** A grade of C or better is required


Five credits are awarded for each passed class.  In order to pass a class a student must earn a grade of "D" or better.  A grade of "F" receives no credit.  Students are required to attend seven classes each semester.  There are two semesters per school year. A student who passes every class each semester (35 credits X 2) earns seventy credits per year.  During four years a student may earn two hundred eighty credits.  Two hundred sixty credits are required to graduate. CLASS STATUS

                                Sophomore Status                 65 units

                                Junior Status                         130 units

                                Senior Status                        190 units

                                Graduate Status                    260 units

If you require any additional information, please call Mrs. Williamson or Ms.Silveira at 887-3073.


Academic Honor Block

To receive Academic Honor Block a student must have the minimum grade requirement for three consecutive quarters starting with the 4th quarter of the previous year.  AP and CST grade changes are for semester grades only and do not count for honor block.

JV Honor Block-3.5 Minimum GPA for three consecutive quarters, student receives small academic block letter first year and an Academic pin thereafter.

Varsity Honor Block-4.0 Minimum GPA for three consecutive quarters, student receives a large academic block letter first year and a 4.0 pin thereafter.